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Plan the company's success:

  • You have a clear goal/strategy, an excellent team and by this you become an outstanding winner.
  • An optimal infrastructure is a necessary condition for a fast and effective performance of your
    team and company.
  • Who wants to lead his team successfully must know the way how to lead and reach the finish line
    in the best possible way.
  • Learn about the sustainable strengths of intrinsic motivation vs. extrinsic: transfer of authority,
    respect, trust and pride.
  • Loosers will blame the environment! Winners develop themselves further by self-critical analysis.

Seminars - Consulting - Lecture Series


Based on an individual diagnosis we create your personal "HRC Methodology" package and coaching unit.

You are able to choose between following methodologies:
  • Speaking and workshops
  • Executive Business Coaching
  • The Strategy Guy
  • Dr. Feel Good
  • Face to Face – manager training
  • Action Learning Modules:
    • Team on Board (ToB) – with the Virtual Sail Racing workshop or on real sail racing yachts
    • Lufthansa Flight Simulator
    • Surgical Simulation

The individual modules will be iassembled based on the diagnostic results of the "HRC Company Screening". During and after the trainings the anchoring process will be initiated by selective reflection steps.

If you are interested in detailed information about the HRC Course Program,
please click here.

We look forward to seeing you and welcome you on board.

The HRC Process

  1. Introduction and awareness of the participants for high-performance aspects.
  2. High Performance Team Diagnosis: The HRC diagnostic tool provides a precise overview of the areas in which a team/company differs from HIGH performance-teams. Based on the individual diagnosis we provide you a personal “ToB”-training program.
  3. Action Learning Modules "Excellence through Sailing" & "team on board ToB": Mental training and active training in the various high-performance modules (Sailing, Flight Simulator, surgical simulation).
  4. Anchoring the experienced and learned course material through reflection and transformation
  5. Evaluation process: implementing the “new Know-How” in the customer's environment.

The specially trained team of instructors and coaches will implement the HRC philosophy (based on Prof. Peter Pavlovsky’s HIPE philosophy) together with you and your team into the existing corporate and departmental structures. Through the direct reflections in the seminars and action learning modules the experience will immediately be analyzed, evaluated and optimized. Contents of the client business units are closely involved in the awareness-raising and anchoring processes. So the contents are permanently cemented sustainably into the minds of the participants.

Barrelmen Benefit

  • Creative Management - "Discover and Develop new Ideas"
  • Individual Compass of Success - creates common orientation
  • "People-oriented" Management
  • Higher motivation and creativity through self-efficacy experience
  • Learning by Doing: Discover - Moving - Trust - Change
  • Increased engagement through trust
  • Motivated employees
  • Real change management through change and transformation
  • Performance-based tools and transfer methods

The „Step by Step“ Workshop Tool

Step I: Introduction lecture "Learning in and out of high-performance teams."

Step II: High Performance Introduction Seminar - "Excellence through Sailing".
Introduction course for the management (foundation of the subsequent training)

Step III: High Performance Diagnostics - Analysis in your company. Development of
the training goals based on the company's needs

Step IV: High Performance Training "team on board" -
Workshop with help of the HRC simulators intruments (sailing, cockpit or OP)

Step V: Anchoring process - the introduction of the "Team - Excellence" philosophy
into your company’s organization.

Step V: Control within the Company

All action learning modules should be run through to achieve the full benefit four your company, but can also be trained separatly!


Strategy in a Day

New counseling and monitoring module for the design, development and operational implementation of corporate strategies.

…because the execution of an idea is always more important
than the brilliance of the thought!

(Harvard Business Publishing - Morgan, Levitt & Maleck – INVEST model)

What is it?

Strategy in a Day
A Strategy in a Day is a facilitated one day workshop that develops and aligns your organization around the right short, medium and long term strategic initiatives that will drive the performance & results required for your success.

One Page Strategic Plan
The output of your one day strategic workshop is then translated into a One Page Strategic Plan that guarantees alignment, engagement and commitment to the roadmap require to achieve success. It also serves a highly effective communication tool for your entire organization, literally guaranteeing that everyone is on the same page.

Along with the supporting agile business methodology, teams that have gone through this process declare coming away with.

  • a greater sense of Clarity
  • Focus
  • Alignment
  • Motivation
  • Agility
  • and ownership for the activities required to achieve success

How does it work?

Many organizations have very comprehensive and complex strategies, yet often leave a gap required for successful operational implementation. The one day workshop fills this gap by facilitating a strategic dialog based on quantitative actions that deliver quali-tative performance & results.

We start with the macro core ideology, gradually narrowing our focus toward identifying the Top 5 breakthrough priorities that will most positively impact your business performance & results.

The One Page Strategic Plan process ensures teams more easily relate which activities they have to engage, prioritize and successfully execute.

How do you benefit?

  • ONE TEAM: committed, engaged, agile, motivated and focused on the right activities by the right people at the right time that will provide the right results that will most impact your business.

  • A Compass: a single page that will be used to filter the key decision criteria your organization faces when making the right choices that will bring you the right results most needed under the current circumstances.

  • A North Star: the right combination of short, middle and long-term priorities that deliver the results your organization requires to achieve success.

  • A Roadmap; in the form of a strategic plan that drives your most relevant strategic thinking operational planning and tactical activities, made up of smarter objectives, key results, accountability and highly relevant next steps to address an ever changing business environment surrounding you.

  • Everyone on the Same Page; in how their individual and group efforts and activities contribute to the organizations success.

Dr. "Feel Good"

The feel-good manager for your business.

Increase the motivation and attitudes of your employees and colleagues with the support of Dr. "Feel Good". Create room for more dynamism, creativity and above all new energy and health.

Consulting defined in a new way: Dr. "Feel Good" your personal wellness manager.

Want to know more about Dr. "Feel Good", then click here and send an email to Dr. "Feel Good" with the header "Dr. Feel Good".

Dr. "Feel Good" and his team are looking forward to support you!

Creative Management

As a creative-managers we help your company in the development of the strategy process and work with you to develop new concepts and projects.

Creative Management

Engineers, athletes, business psychologists and trained instructors are your "Barrelmen" - Creative - Managers.

The Barrelmen Creative Managers help you to develop and execute your "strategic projects".

Compass of Success

Barrelmen Compass of Success

Erfolgskompass - Erfolgreich Motivieren, kreativ Entwickeln, zielorientiert Führen, Gewinne steigern – Zukunft sichern

Barrelmen develops the individual compass of success for your company!

The Barrelmen Compass of Success is your navigation tool for orientation, action, change and for the long-term success of your company.

With the BARRELMEN Compass of Success you plan the success of your company  - it is your navigation instrument, it provides you orientation and is the basis of action for your team.

Consulting Reference

  • As an industrial engineer Gerrit Bottemöller recognizes relevant contexts in processes
    and projects - he is “tracking" the internal processes.
  • As an engineer and a professional sailor Gerrit Bottemöller is able to develop analogy
    models to identify high-performing organizations and is able to initiate necessary actions
    to derive economic enterprises.
  • His personal strength is to initiate processes and to moderate, aiming at real innovation
    and creativity, because that is his daily business in consulting and sailing. This is a thesis: sustainable innovation is not based on the driving wind, not based on the true wind,
    but on the resultant, the apparent wind, which is stronger and more dynamic.
  • Another strength of Gerrit Bottemöller is finding the right player to combine and optimize their interaction (ie, where appropriate, to withdraw even one step, if someone has particular strengths).
  • As a creative moderator Gerrit Bottemöller initiates team thinking processes in groups, optimizes the sustainability and team cohesion and promotes team work.
  • Gerrit Bottemöller knows the value of integrity to the whole team, because only then
    (in his view), a team can perform at its best and win.
  • Because of his experience of dramatic events / mistakes Gerrit Bottemöller has a
    particular view of "decision making"

Lecture Series

Team-Excellence: The secret of success!

Only a few people really realize what kind of very extreme situations prevail for a team on a high-tech yacht. Probably there hardly exist similar challenges. TZhe success or failure depends so much on the most demanding performance and on the reliability of each individual team member.

In his lectures and workshops, Gerrit Bottemöller, analyzes the winning factors and principles of high performance teams and he demonstrates through an exemplary crew how high performance excellence in the world of business can be achieved. He is an expert in Team Excellence and inspires audiences by his lively and interactive lectures.

  • Keynote lectures: Team Excellence - the promotion of co-creative Development processes (1-2h)
  • Motivational Lectures: The secret of success! The success lies in the simplicity of
    complex team structures (1-2h)
  • User Reviews: America's Cup - the Formula 1 of sailing (1-2h)
  • Topics Lectures: "Team Excellence, Learning from high-performance teams." The following topics are available: leadership, teams, problem management, change management, human resource management, mind-set management. (per topic: 1-2h - 1 day (seminar))


Excellence through Sailing (the Workshop)

Five steps to success:
  • Do not just dream of the visions! Take them as a challenge and implement
    them consistently.
  • Develop your mind-set and goals.
  • With the virtues of determination, the perseverance and the discipline
    getting to the peak of success.
  • With curiosity and courage try new ideas and achieve your goals
  • Plan ahead and think in order to position yourself optimally.
  • Just Do It!

  • „Excellence through Sailing“ (1 Day)
  • „Team on Board“ (ToB) (1-3 Days)

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