Barrelmen Group
BARRELmen Group - The Secret of Winning

The Barrelmen Effect

["Barrelman": A sailor in the mast which is searching for obstacles, new winds and is looking for new “coast lines”]

The Barrelmen Group is a young and dynamic consultancy which supports and attends companies in the development of longterm strategies and innovative product concepts. 

The Barrelmen Group has taken on the task to make success factors of high performance teams usable for enterprises  and to transfer the success principles
into their organizations.

Higher, faster, further
– but not with higher pressure, but with much more joy
and fun in a comfortable working atmosphere.

The Barrelman Group opens up a new way for humans und Enterprises to be successful on a long term run.

Barrelmen Philosophy

Building sustainable creativity potentials with the help of innovative operational capacity and capabilities to respond quickly and in a dynamic way to external changes.

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